Day Care Service

Our fully-secure Day Care offers a place for your four-legged friend to come have fun and socialise whilst you're at work!


Socialisation from a young age is important so that your pup can get used to being around other dogs and not get scared and anxious in social environments. We've found that they quickly learn to get along with other dogs and end up having so much fun that the next time they visit they can't wait to get back in!  Even once a week or once a fortnight is good experience for them and great fun! They almost always go home exhausted which means you don't have to worry about exercising them that night.


Our Day Care is indoors and fully supervised. Large water bowls are constantly monitored and refilled.  As it is indoors it is perfect on rainy days, warm in Winter and fully air-conditioned in Summer.

It is open to all small and medium breeds that are desexed and fully vaccinated.

*For just an extra $9.00 (on top of your service fee) you can request to have your dog put out in the Day Care to play for the day! 

We have special offer now, pre-purchased 10 days for only $180!


Please feel free to come and have a look at our Day Care and see if it is suitable for your fur baby.  Otherwise for all enquiries please call us on

07 5539 1822 or email us


We look forward to hearing from you!

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