Grooming Tips

  • Brushing and combing your dog regularly is a very important part of the grooming process. Not only does it make your dogs coat look nice and shiny and tangle-free, it also gives you some quality time together.

  • There are a lot of brushes and combs on the market, a lot of which are useless at removing dead hair and small tangles. A slicker brush and shedding comb (as pictured) are what we use and recommend generally for achieving the best groom possible. 


  • We always recommend you groom your pet up on either a bench or flat top washing machine with a non-slip mat.  This is important as when they come to our salon and are groomed up on a bench, they wont be anxious or nervous about the height.  DO NOT groom your dog on the floor or on your lap as your dog will think its play time, not groom time.

  • Make sure you have your pets favourite treat ready to give them as a reward so that they know that being groomed is a positive experience!

  • Is your dog high maintenance? If so you will need to brush and comb your dog thoroughly at least 3 times a week. It only takes a few minutes and doing this will prevent your dog from getting knots, which then turn into matting that become painful for the dog and will need to eventually be shaved off.

  • To assist in the grooming process, we sell a variety of products, including conditioner (as pictured) and detangler spray, to use in conjunction with your brush and comb, to help remove any small knots and tangles.